Below you can find some free downloadable activities!

Get your binoculars out (or just use your eyes!) and start spotting! A great activity to do indoors or outdoors this winter, use our birds id and see how many different UK birds you can spot. You might want to make a tally of how many of each bird you find, as well as record the time and day that you saw them. If you do this regularly you might even be able to see patterns in how the birds visit your chosen outdoor space. We have also made a bird watching worksheet for you to use.

Bromley Environmental Education is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can pursue their interests in Science, Nature, Art, Philosophy, Literature and Music in an awe inspiring landscape of woodlands, grasslands and ponds.

We believe that education and access to nature should be available to all members of our communities regardless of age or background. It is our mission to provide positive, fun and educational experiences which support wider learning and promote respect and empathy for each other, our communities and our countryside.

Here at Bromley Environmental Education we are committed to our Core Values:

  1. Responsibility & Ownership: We foster positive attitudes in our learners, empowering them to take ownership over our environment and natural world. By promoting sustainable behaviours and positive attitudes towards nature conservation we aim to inspire action for the nature found on our doorstep and beyond.
  2. Fun, Creativity & SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning): We aim to nurture the sense of enjoyment, inspiration and creativity gained from experiential learning within nature. We believe that outdoor learning improves self-esteem, well-being, behaviour, problem-solving, cooperative learning and promotes a sense of respect for the natural world and each other.
  3. Passion: Passion is the cornerstone of our environmental education. A passion for our environment and education is key to achieving positive outcomes for each of our learners. We aim to instill our passion in our learners by embedding our core values and culturing a sense of awe and wonder in all that we do.
  4. Scientific Inquiry: The ‘outdoor classroom’ provides a meaningful way to engage learners in practical science, giving them experience of collecting and analysing data, and making predictions in the real world, beyond the limitations of the classroom or laboratory.

Bromley Environmental Education offers education programmes and workshops for schools, support groups and adults. We run a full calendar of public events including holiday sessions, weekly parent and toddler sessions and weekend wildlife clubs.